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'Necy' Instant Face and Neck Lift Headband

'Necy' Instant Face and Neck Lift Headband

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'Necy' Instant Face and Neck Lift Headband does what it says it does. When wearing the headband, any loose skin on the jawline and face is instantly lifted and supported by the headband. To get the lifting effect the headband has to be placed on the forehead, just in front of the ears and over the ears. Doing so gives an instant younger and firmer look to your appearance. It also helps lift and improve the 'droopy eyes' and smooth the eye area.                  

The headband is tight, so it should not be worn over the ears for longer than two hours at a time. It can be kept on for longer when worn off the ears or upside down. Also, keep checking that your ear lobes do not go numb while wearing it. 

The Headband can be worn for a younger appearance, and it also supports the muscles and tightens the skin keeping your face and neck in a better shape when worn regularly.  

'Necy' Instant Face and Neck Lift Headband is suitable for all ages, as when worn by younger people, it can temporarily give an instant slimmer face and neck look or lift the eyes.

The 'Necy' Instant Face and Neck Lift and Support Headband is made of:

Organic cotton 95% and 5% elastane.

IPO registered product.





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